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In today’s environment, property owners and managers are looking for ways to control escalating utility costs, maintain competitive rental rates, and improve overall profitability. Additionally, the need to promote water conservation and environmental awareness is essential.  

Sub-metering is the most effective method for achieving these goals because it systematically allocates water costs directly back to the resident. This is accomplished by installing a separate meter in each unit, which will read and measure actual consumption. Residents are billed for their usage and property owners are reimbursed for the utility expenses within those units. The benefits are simple:


IMPROVED PROFITABILITY...by recouping costs…properties no longer have to subsidize utility usage for residents.

COST CONTROL... through leak detection…you can’t fix it until you know it’s broken.

CONSERVATION... through resident awareness…when people feel the pinch in their pocketbook, they start paying attention.


Sub-Metering - Benefits